Our Vision

Our vision is clear, continue to supply our literature free of charge to the NHS. Since we started in 1988 we have supplied over 2000 hospital departments with free literature, saving the NHS millions of pounds. The core values which we started with many years ago still stand today. Our team have the passion, emotion and drive to deliver a 21st century client experience but with old fashion customer service skills, yet still delivering a key service to the NHS.  

Our Aim

To deliver targeted messages within the NHS. We can identify specific NHS patient profiles which suit our clients products or campaigns. This enables our clients to deliver targeted messages to patients attending NHS departments whilst health and wellbeing is at the forefront of the patients and their families mind. 

Our Strategy

We have specialised in NHS patient media for more than 28 years and are by far the largest specialist supplier in the UK today, with millions of sponsored leaflets, booklets and appointment cards currently issued through more than 2,000 NHS Hospital departments nationwide. This enables us to offer our clients the ability to reach mass audiences quickly & effectively. 

"We take patient literature to the next level"

Powerful media & marketing solutions across the UK
Branding & Identity

Branding & identity is a key part of marketing. Branding and identity design is more than a logo or colour branding it’s a powerful way of connecting with your target audience. We can create anything from a one off advert to complete company branding or rebranding.  

Interactive Design

Interactive Design puts you in touch with your target audience at the click of a button. Interactive advertising also has some properties that expand the range of potential objectives and that improve advertising effectiveness. 

We are able to bring any printed literature to life using a smart phone or tablet.


Content based information should be well-crafted and relevant to be used as an effective marketing tool.

Content such as Flyers, Posters, Magazines and Leaflets are a great way to deliver effective messages. We can manage content development from design to production.

Company Stationery

Company stationery and print is a major element of any business. We are can supply Letter heads, Business cards, Compliment slips, Invitations, Magazines and many more items all on various colours, styles and weight of paper.

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Calco Publications was established in 1988 by Mitchell Brent to specialise in the design and free supply of sponsored patient literature to NHS hospitals throughout the United Kingdom.

Calco Publications was the first company to introduce full colour sponsored patient literature and has since developed an extensive and unique range of publications, designed not only to save NHS funds and improve the presentation of patient information, but also to provide commercial businesses with an unprecedented opportunity to market their products and services directly to the millions of people receiving treatment at NHS hospitals throughout the UK.

The foundation of the company is its reputation for consistently providing a reliable service and its ability to offer an extensive range of sponsored publications, designed to suit all markets and meet all needs - publications which are currently issued through approximately 300 NHS hospitals across the UK, making the company by far the largest supplier of its kind in the UK today.

Despite the increasingly wide range of mediums available throughout the UK for the marketing of products and services, the media issued by NHS hospitals continues to provide an individual and refreshingly positive solution to each and every marketing problem, by placing advertisers’ messages directly into the hands of those members of public most likely to respond

Calco Publications has worked for many years, monitoring the requirements of commercial business and the NHS to ensure that wherever possible, advertising can be presented on publications whose readership is relevant to the products and services being promoted, whilst simultaneously providing products of genuine value to the NHS.

"Calco Publications continues to thrive and develop, along with the range of publications on which it offers commercial businesses"
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